What makes S.W.E.T?

The essential elements of each S.W.E.T. Project.

No matter one’s standing in life there is someone else who for whatever reason has been dealt a hand that’s not as fortunate as yours. There is always someone or something, not too far away usually, that serves as a reminder that we do have enough creative energy and compassion to find something that will benefit more than just ourselves. Although this aspect of the projects goes outside of the hard-nosed reality of commerce only, our years of experience have found that if one can realize the value in of being of service to something greater than ourselves into their project, it is far more likely to engage people that also share a similar view and common direction: both are fundamental to a successful project and partnership.

After one has defined the nature and outcomes of the project they must become, or learn how to be, the engine for the project to rely on being completed. The intent in this aspect of a S.W.E.T. project is for the project originator to learn about the level of attention and extra work it takes facilitate the maximum performance of all of their S.W.E.T. – project partners (“employees in a real world situation”) time resources and energy just as anyone managing a project in the commercial process.

This is perhaps where participating in the S.W.E.T. community could have its biggest impact on the way people think about their capabilities and their ability to visualize and create and plan to manifest something that is way bigger than them alone, and will require them to grow in order to be successful. This element of our programs strikes at the heart of the hurdle everyone must overcome in order to access new and higher potentials.

Once somebody has taken an “impossible or unknown” concept and turns it into a reality from their own hard work, their ability and willingness to trust and work with others will operate in a new realm. True self confidence is experienced and instilled when someone faces the inevitable doubt and anxiety that are part of any real world experience with a new level of structure, awareness and support. Without this, often people stop before they even start. By originating or participating in a S.W.E.T. project you create your own personal access to the core elements of what constitutes a truly self-confident human being regardless of age, class, wealth or status. This self-knowledge is the priceless; it is perhaps the most valuable intangible element available to Ignite Yourself S.W.E.T. Project participants.

The opportunities available to every S.W.E.T. Project Manager reach across all the elements necessary to successfully complete a project. This includes one of the most valuable experiential training elements which is to see how paying attention to the crucial elements of the project environment matches up with the realities of completing the project. Once again the simplest concepts are the cornerstones of the whole process. Having the discipline to follow through on ones plans without being distracted by all the activity of life is one thing in common that all “very successful” people in life display. Successful people always refer to their commitment to stay the course no matter what the situation looks like in order to right the objective.

A Shared Vision and connected human systems
Attending to the 4 core elements are essential to get the most value from ones S.W.E.T. project. If any of them are not attended to we end up with systems that are not as well of balanced and therefore suspect to break down! S.W.E.T. projects are the perfect environment for creating collaborative projects to and new systems and solutions that are representative of today’s thinking and human capabilities.

One of the most valuable aspects of S.W.E.T. projects is that they can be coordinated amongst a group with inter-connecting outcomes where each project may choose to tackle distinct aspects of a larger project in the same way people co-op other services. S.W.E.T. Projects can be designed to be aligned to connect in such a way as to aggregate and amplify their positive effect reach. Each project can be created whole unto itself or with added options to make each outcome not only a success in this own right but part of a much larger reality being recreated by the “meta” S.W.E.T. project. If this way is the planning is done well enough in advance one project would literally be analogous to one piece a jigsaw that when fully completed creates a much more profound impact.

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