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Ignite-Yourself founders, Zero-Gravity Solutions, is a highly dedicated core group of professional educators, technologists, artists, athletes and care givers comprised of a predominance of women directors and board members that are dedicated to assisting directly or indirectly in the creation and forward movement of truly integrated global solutions.



  • The complete and full equality of women and girls of all ages and all cultures such that they have full ability to participate as any other human, with full and equal rights, would expect to do.
  • To assist in the evolution of the education process of all people; such that it is accessible to all of humanity, is built on most current pedagogically current and sound learning related science, delivered in their native languages, so that the standards of education rise more evenly globally, stabilizing our now world-wide connected infrastructure. 


Every student becomes a life-long learner engaging their natural curiosity with the discipline of inquiry into all aspects of life. The results are engaged students/people capable of an intelligent action rooted in compassion and capable of responsible community based thinking. We believe that if these initiatives, as culturally significant as they are, are acted upon with intelligence, vigor and compassion for our fellow women and men, we will, as a community, assist all societies in building and integrating truly sustainable systems for our future.

Our Approach

Life is messy, sweaty and gritty – no truly global solution can be achieved in isolation, without rolling up our sleeves together. Viable solutions are a result of compassion, curiosity, and collaboration – working together with the people and communities that are impacted. It is the understanding which comes from immersing ourselves in the culture of those we serve that gives rise to a solution that is not only organic, but becomes the fabric of the vested community.


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