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Have you ever noticed when you’re working on something you love, or helping someone in need – the intensity of your attention obscures time, space and effort?  Weren’t you amazed by the amount of work you actually did and what you accomplished?

It’s those experiences, that have us say, “that was worth it”, worth all of the sacrifices of late nights, days of little sleep, – those moments when you felt truly creative and alive.

S.W.E.T. projects allow you to throw your heart and soul into something you believe in, to give birth to an idea, and to create a path that brings it out to the world.

This service can awaken your passion and purpose in this world, making it a more compassionate place for one or many. The effort you put into making your S.W.E.T. project a reality is called sweat equity where your time, energy and collaborative thinking is your capital investment in a project.

“And Sir, it is no little thing to make mine eyes to sweat compassion.” 
― William Shakespeare, Coriolanus

S.W.E.T. is based on the idea that applying 4 simple principles provides real-world applicable experience.

We touched on ServiceWork, and Equity. Let’s take a look at Training.

S.W.E.T. projects are really a community-sourcing and community-building endeavor. Being part of a team, recruiting and leading a team, and sustaining the life in a project takes discipline. It takes discipline to implement the courses of required action while not stepping over crucial steps out of enthusiasm nor getting caught in the muck of processes and procedures. Systems and structures, while necessary, need to facilitate the growth and energy of a project.

“Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there.”
– Haile Gebrselassie

With S.W.E.T., we offer support programs for this process. The training inside of S.W.E.T. is a collaborative, often times apprentice-style approach where you may start as part of an existing team supporting another’s project to get hands-on experience honing your skills. A S.W.E.T. partnership offers real-work experience and training (not just getting coffee or taking messages).

The result…

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